I don't know what it is but people this week are really starting to annoy me. It's like each day they try to prove their stupidity to me. Currently our machine to add money to their library cards is down so to compensate we're giving them free copies and printouts from the computers. You'd think after saying it once they'd get it but no...they continually ask you like three times in the course of one conversation that 'yes you can make copies for free, no we don't know when the machine will be working, yes...go make as many copies as you want!' I guess the whole 'free' thing catches them off guard. Here we are trying to give them a little bit of a break and its like they can't believe it instead of jumping at the chance we've basically got to force them to take the free stuff. I keep telling them to enjoy it while it lasts but some just still don't seem to get it. Ugh...Of course if we actually had photocopiers that took money instead of having the funds deducted from their cards that would be a great help. It just sucks because even when we move into the new building we'll still have the same copiers. Most of the staff and I are on the bandwagon that they'll still get there money just doesn't always have to be deducted from the card. *shakes head* Like most things that's WAY to simple of a concept to get out there. Other than that the other day I had a random run in with a patron. Nothing major happened just I guess the principle of it. I was flagged by a lady needing help with the copier. I'm like okay this will take just like a second and after I finish helping her I'll make a quick trip to the bathroom. Well after I made my way to her she's like 'hold on, let me find the page' and I'm literally standing there for like five plus minutes while this chick flips back and forth in this book trying to find what pages she needs. As I'm waiting I notice that it looks like her problem is that she's not lining up the book correctly to get the whole page of the book she's trying to copy but I'm thinking it has to be something more so I continue to wait. Along with flipping in the book she sometimes stops while she's flipping to ask me where in the book to look for whatever section she's trying to find and I'm like 'I have no clue cause I'm not looking at the book' but I refrained from saying that out loud. So eventually while I'm standing there and now really needing to use the bathroom she finally finds what she's looking for and then she goes over to the copier and I'm like 'it prints on this side of the glass' after she seemed to have lined to place the book properly on top of the copier. Then she's like 'oh I guess I didn't need your help after all.' Needless to say I quickly left and when to the bathroom all the while cursing her in my head for making me wait for absolutely NOTHING!! It would be one thing It's not often times I want to strangle a patron but that was one of those rare times.

Aside from library drama things seem to be going a little bit better for me. I'm knitting a little hardcore as of late. I've paused working on my socks to finish a commission piece for a co-worker of mine. He wanted a necktie and I told him I could knit him one. I'm halfway through knitting it. If I knit like a mad woman tonight and tomorrow I think I should have it finished before Monday. It's been nice to have a break from knitting socks. I just started to get a little lazy because I'm working on the cuff and it's going to be a lot of ribbing that I'm dreading for some reason. *shrugs* Other than that I broke down and bought some soft and snuggly Alpaca/Acrylic blend yarn. I can't wait to knit with it! After watching various knitting blogs and websites I'm trying to branch out there and try all different types of yarn. Because of one website I'm now very tempted to learn how to spin my own yarn. Hopefully it'll just be a test to get my feet wet and nothing more. heh heh Of course I say that but I'm sure I'll get hooked with spinning like everything else when it comes to anything involving knitting. :) I still need to post pics of what I've finished and working on. I've taken the pics just haven't made the time to post for some reason. *shrugs* I guess I'm still being lazy. heh heh

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