They're back!!

Our squirrel free day was just that...a day. Now we're just hopping that the two squirrels we've got aren't male and female so we won't have to worry about babies in the next couple of months.

Last night I felt better once I had some quite time to myself. I'm currently getting caught up on True Blood. Awesome series btw! :)

Just would have been nice if I got to get to sleep on time well. I was just about to go to sleep like on three separate occasions and was kind of rudely woken up, so it took me a little while to convince myself to go back to sleep. It's still way to cold in that house to really do much of anything but sit there and try to keep warm. Took me forever to try and wake up this morning but even with my trouble waking up I still was able to get to work early. *shrugs*

Knitting has kind of stalled out for me at the moment. Though I'm still looking forward to continuing working on my new pair of socks. Which reminds me to that I need to see if I can download some software so I can upload my current pictures.

Just can't wait till the weekend gets here. I'm loving the extended weekends. X3


Squirrel free! (for the moment)

So finally after 2 weeks of having 2 squirrels loose in the library, we were able to chase them out!

Running around was the last thing I wanted to do this morning after the scare I had just an hour before. Driving on my way to work this other guy and I were almost hit by another car. The guy was totally running a red light just to cut in front of me and the guy next to me just to get into my lane. Needless to say I'm happy that my breaks were working. Screeching tires first thing in the morning sure has a way of waking you up.

When I finally managed to make it to work things were none the less weirder than usual with the people that came up to the desk. We had one guy trying to steal a book, one was angry because the hours during the break weren't correct when he called it but was still angry that he drove all the way over just to see that we were closed, (even though before the break we always makes sure to have our hours posted to show the patrons...not our fault he refused to read) and just general stupidity. Along with that the added frustration of filling in for people that aren't here. I would go into more but I'm still trying to calm down. Let's just say if ever I leave my job without the worry of having to come back I'm torching a few things on my way out.

All of that aside; I'm still struggling with myself in trying to be happy and not cry so much over things. It's just difficult with the current living situation and no freedom to be who I am without offending anyone. I know I can do what I want to do but just getting myself to believe it is a totally different story. I still just try to take days one day at a time. I just hope I can stop crying every other day.


Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yay! 31 and I guess loving it. *shrugs*


Staying temporary at K's boss's house till we're able to find a house. Which I'm starting to really warm up to the idea.

Finished a pair of ankle socks with the 2-at-once technique in like 2 weeks. (Pics will come soon)

Just about over a cold that I seemed to pick up with all of the chaos of moving and the weather change.

All in all just can't wait to go home and sleep off this cold some more. Well that and read more of my books!