Again, I’m not dead just completely out of it. It seems to be harder and harder to think of things I want to talk about on here. I guess the writer in me is still taking a very long break. I don’t really have many things in the way of updates.

I’m just in between knitting projects right now. I’m still working on a pair of black socks for myself and I’ve knit a few rows of another shrug for myself but both are very slow going. I guess if there was something good on tv that I could knit to both projects would have been done by now. ^^; I’ve also started working on an afghan for my mom. She had hinted to me over the phone about a blanket and when K and I went over to pick up my mail/X-mas presents, low and behold a knitters’ dream….YARN! It was a cool gift (along with a smaller knitting bag that’s uber functional!) but sadly they yarn that she purchased for me is stuff I’d stopped using since I got better at knitting. So of course I couldn’t be like 'I don’t use it' so I’m sacrificing my hands and knitting her up a patchwork afghan with the yarn she got me. I love the colors that she picked out just wish the yarn wasn’t so rough to work with but I think I can make it work into something really nice.

Aside from that I was commissioned by one of my co-workers for future X-mas gifts. So I’m excited to get started on the items that she wanted. It’s also a plus cause I get to go yarn shopping again! X3

I’m still working on two of the book challenges I sighed up for. One challenge is to read 50+ books before the end of the year and another is to read 100+ books. I think last time I checked I was at 34 books I think. So I’ve already beat my last year total of books by like 4 and I’m well on my way to at least getting to 50 books by the end of the year! I guess after all this time for me the little things still make me happy; reading a good book, working on some craft project, or just kicking back and listening to some good music. I’m still in love with the external hard drive K got me for my birthday. It’s so nice to have all of my music cds all in one place. I don’t have to hunt for them anymore. I’ve still got a bunch of cds to transfer to my hard drive but the ones I’ve done already keep me grooving for hours!