Same old same old...

I try to do what I think is right and it still blows up in my face sometimes. I think I'm making an effort and at times it never seems to be good enough. I can only try my best at things and make the best of whatever situation. That being said I'm trying to focus more on my hobbies instead of dwelling on things I can't change. So here are some updates!

I'm at the halfway point of working the cuffs for my mom's second pair of toe up socks.

Even though the knitting for her socks is relatively easy it's just hard doing all of that ribbing sometimes. So instead of plugging through to get it done with I of course start another knitting project to kind of avoid the situation. I recently bought the Abundance Afghan kit from Knit Picks and I'm in love with Suri Dream and the simplicity of the pattern! This project that I pick up when I've had enough of ribbing is affectionally nicknamed 'the muppet' because of the fur-like quality of the yarn.

I've also want to get back into knitting lace so I've picked up another pattern for some fingerless gloves with an easy lace pattern. I'm just having trouble reading the lace chart. I understand the repeats for the pattern just I seem to be having trouble wrapping my head around the edge stitches before and after the pattern repeat. I just have to ask more of my knitting buddies to explain that to me. I'm okay with knitting lace flat but seem to have gone back to square one with doing lace in the round. :-s But after I finish my mom's socks I'll take a break from sock knitting to work on my lace full time. :) Well at least that's the plan anyway. ^_^;