Doing a little bit better today. I was able to get motivated to clean up around the house and just start to feel better about myself. I still feel unsettled with the way things are but I still just try to keep going on one day at a time.  I don't know why but for the past few weeks I just kept feeling sorry for myself. At times it really does suck having low self esteem but it's something that I constantly have to struggle with. I guess it didn't really help when K and I went to visit my parents to pick up more of my mail. It just wasn't cool of my mom to kind of play us against each other the way she did. Granted it wasn't major just didn't want to haul anymore food over from her place but she just wouldn't let me. I guess things still have to be her way or not at all. I know she's just trying to look out for us but I would think that my opinion would count for something. Her going behind my back like that just makes me feel like I'm less of an adult. Who knows one day my opinion will matter to someone. Ah well, just got to keep trying to stick up for myself.

I finally had a good weekend. I made up with one of my friend Katie who I haven’t talked to or hung out with since the moving business began. It was fun to have a knitting day again. We just pretty much camped out on the couch and watched old episodes of Family Guy and she started me on Arrested Development. Now I’ve got another show to keep up with. J We also took a break from knitting and went out to eat at China Buffet it was very nice for my first time going there. Then again it was just nice to get out of the house. We also took a little side trip and stopped by her new place too. 

Sunday was a productive day for me as well. I managed to finish the afghan I started the day before as well as finish another two books. I’m just a few more away from meeting my 50 book goal and then I’ll be halfway towards my 100 goal!

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