Yay! I finally managed to finish knitting the body of the shrug that I've been working on. It's currently being blocked so all I have to do now is seam up the sides once it's dry! *happy dance* Pics will hopefully be up soon! :)

After finishing the shrug I'm now left with what to start knitting again. I tried a bunch of times to re-work this one lace pattern with not much success. Well I take that back I have been able to successfully knit up one repeat of the lace pattern but I forgot to knit the edging so I had to rip it out. (I did take a pic though to remind myself I can do it!) My problem is every time I knit it with the edging (2 rows of St st) and then start the lace pattern as it says I always end up with an extra stitch on the end. It's just frustrating because the one time I knit it without the edging I don't have any extra stitches and it knits up with no issues. So I don't' know what I'm doing wrong. :( I'll try again later when I'm less frustrated by that pattern.

I've managed to pick up knitting my two socks at once. Just not challenging enough for me at the moment since I'm working on the foot part so I'm kind of restless with new things to knit. I want to knit something else but not sure what I want to get my needles in. (besides that cursed lace pattern)

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