Better to a degree

Things are starting to clam down between us now. I think the only hurdle I've got to get over now is shaking whatever I seemed to have come down with. It actually should have happened sooner I'm guessing since I haven't been eating regularly for a little while now. When I did eat I felt nauseous so that should have been my first clues that I was starting to get sick. It's weird though every time do get sick my body temperature lowers instead of rises. I've noticed that been happening a lot recently. *shrugs* Well I always knew my body was weird.

In a few more hours I get to go back home from work and hopefully be able to curl up in bed. That was my other sign that I'm not feeling well since the past two mornings I've been actually able to sleep in considering going to bed at a decent time. I just hope tonight I'll be able to have a restful sleep instead of being woken up at random times. Of course he'll have to stop fidgeting around in the first place for me to actually go to sleep....*sighs and crosses fingers thinking about this morning*

But other than that I've managed to make a little more progress on my shrug that I've been working on. Just 5 more inches to go with the body and then I can start picking up stitches along the sides to do the border. After that just have to block then seam together! X3 Yay! One project almost completed!

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