Doing a little better

So now I'm a little better off than I was the past couple of days. I still feel on edge a little bit about being in the apartment all the time but it's starting to lessen. I did manage to get out after work and just hang out one of my favorite books stores for about a half an hour. It was nice just walking around. Though I did cave and bought a couple more books to read but considering my track record I should be through them in a little while.

I think the only thing that still worrying me is the fact that K's not hearing what I'm saying to him. I said I wanted to leave for a bit around the holidays and stay with my folks. Just to get way for a bit and he was still thinking yesterday that I wanted to leave him and just stay with my folks. It's just a tad frustrating because he here's what he wants to hear. After more talking we got on the same page but sometimes it's just not that easy to talk to him. But such is life.

Other than that things are going okay. The only downfall was that work yesterday sucked majorly. I pretty much had to open by myself since the person that usually helps out in the mornings called in sick the night before. So I had to make sure everything was on, holds were picked out and sorted and the doors were open up all before 7:45am. I managed to do all of that before one of the others came in to help out. But I thought things would be okay once we were open...I was sadly mistaken. Students coming in didn't know where they were going. Passing printing equipment thinking what they printed out was at our desk instead of were they were in the computer lab. We had to cover for another worker in another department so it strained are already limited crew of people. So for the majority of the day everyone was running around doing other peoples work and our own. It was good because it made the day go faster but frustrating because of all the work we had piled onto ourselves. Job security. *sighs*

So far today hasn't been too bad. Just have to open by myself again this morning but there hasn't been too much of a rush so I'm hoping things well be calmer today. I really hope so cause I've got another wicked headache coming on. *crosses fingers*

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