Well today has been in a word....weird. The patrons coming into the library are just being strange today with their questions and behaviors. I'm just glad I came in early so that I can leave early and get away from these strange people. I hope tomorrow will be better. :-s

This weekend was decent. I managed to finish up the one I was reading and read another one and starting a third! Other than that I spent the majority of my time waiting for people when I should have just been sleeping to continue to combat my chest cold.

Saturday was fun, spent the first part of the day reading one book and then later on in the evening I met up with a friend from high school that I haven't seen since '95. It was fun to reminisce about old times and was kind of funny to see that he hadn't changed much since high school. He's still the same funny kid he was in school.

Sunday was just tiring. After spending most of the night chatting I should have slept in but it didn't happen for whatever reason. So I did a lot of chores and running around while I was waiting for the cable guy to come over and fix my cable and internet. Turns out the wire outside had snapped. So not sure if someone cut/messed with it or if it just was an old connection that snapped. Oh well I'm just glad it's fixed and that I'm up and running again.

Today I'm just tired but I get to go home soon and hopefully will be able to calm down enough so I can go to sleep sooner. Anyway...that's the plan...^^;


Amy said...

I hope you're getting more rest. I'm having that problem myself right now (as you can see from the timestamp on this comment).

Damn late night stand up! Damn being so bored that I can't sleep! Is that not something...

Umbramystic said...

LOL! I've been trying to get more sleep lately but now it seems I've got a slight sinus cold going on with a sore throat. I really think it's because of the change in my schedule. Early mornings are starting to wear me out. :(