New Project

I'm currently working on the free Lana & Clark Ascot pattern from Vickie Howell. So far it's been a quick pattern to knit up. Still working on the first half of it. The only snag I ran into so far was trying to knit 4 stitches together. My first attempt I had to rip out a few rows. I left it at that for the evening and tonight when I get home I'm going to attempt it again. The Vickie Hoewll Love yarn that I'm using is really nice to work with. It's not splitting too badly. My only complaint is that one of the hanks I purchased is cut and re-tied in several places. If I do manage to use it it's going to have to be on a small project with all the bumps in this particular ball. But it's my fault for not trying to wind it in a ball earlier when it was within the return time. Oh well. I should have wip pics up soon!

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