I finally finished the lace shawl! X3 Enjoy. The pattern was a free Easy Triangle Shawl from Lion Brand. I used US 13's and a size K crochet hook for the edging. Was a simple lace pattern to knit up. I would knit up again just would pick another yarn instead of the Homespun. Had trouble with it catching on the needles and the hook at times. Other than that I had a slight issue with the dye lot. The skeins I used to knit this up were from the same lot but as you can see they were different colors. Though with the way this shawl was knit up it looks like I changed colors on purpose so I can't complain too much.

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Amy said...

yep, late as hell, but it looks nice. My first shawl was made out of Homespun too. I'm still wondering how I knit it all up. It's like walking around with a blanket on.

It's a cat bed now. Hee.