Feeling better...I think...

So a couple more days go by and I feel strangely good.

Still bummed that I'm busting my ass here at work in the mornings with limited help. Even though I feel like I'm struggling, my supervisor told me the other day she was happy that she made the switch in hours between me and another co-worker. So as long as she's happy that's all that matters. That and with the way that my hours are now I get to leave earlier and avoid some of the afternoon drama.

Personal things are starting to look better. I got a call from my mother last night for no reason. I guess she might have been feeling my vibe from our last phone call. It was another generic call about how things were going and 'I was just thinking about you' and the usual crap. Though the only drawback was that of another random comment after she again asked if the wedding was on that 'that make makes me very happy'...I'm like okay...I still may be a little bit of a wreck but as long as 'shes' happy everythings all right. *sighs* I knew I shouldn't have called her and started this mess but at the time I felt like that was my only option. Which is kind of funny considering she keeps telling me that I'm always welcome there and one of the few times I actually take her up on the offer it cause all this drama?!? Well on my end at least. *sighs and takes deep breath* Just still looking forward to playing with Ozzy to make this all worth it!

On the knitting front I stared working on the Unshaped Shrug pattern again with some slight modifications. This time I'm actually using the pattern! It's working along quick and easy for the most part though after a little creative adding of stitches I managed to get my modifications to fit along with the pattern. So much so that you can't really tell that I messed up since I caught it early on. :) Slowly but surely I'm clearing out my yarn stash. Though I still have to get back to work on my socks. ^^;

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