Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

So far today isn't starting out so great for me unfortunately. I woke up twice during the night and just made it to the bathroom before semi-puking. Wasn't full blown but still kind of unnerving considering I didn't really stuff myself that night. I've been good about eating more during the day but I don't know what's causing my stomach to be so upset. It's been a few hours since I've really woken up and I still feel somewhat queasy. I think today tea will be best friend and I'll try to avoid eating big meals. ^-^;

*2 hour delay*

So now I'm at work feeling a little bit better. It kind of helps being dressed like a cat girl. :) Things were going normally so far for a Friday. Not too busy, not too many people...the usual slow day when I get there. But one of my co-workers apparently taking the cue from me (since I'm the only one in the whole staff that decided to dress up) and decided he wanted to be the Joker so he took a couple of permanent markers and proceeded to draw on his face...*sighs* We all hope that it'll eventually come off...if not we'll be very amused come Monday.

*hour or so later*

Some other employees came in wearing costumes I saw another fellow cat girl. My co-worker asked her where she got her white face paint to which she replied she got it at the store just before she came in. Needless to say he went off with her to get the white face paint to complete his joker look. When he came back I nearly spit out my tea that I was drinking because as soon as I saw him I couldn't stop laughing. So now he looks like a demented Joker with the runny melty face. I'm just happy I sit in front of him because if he's in my line of sight I can't help but laugh. It's actually making up for the crappy start to my morning. XD

When I get home my plan is to finish going through my cd's so I have my music ready for this weekend. Got a good stack so far this morning just have to pick through a few more cabinets to find the one's I think would really help me out more. Other than I'm going to try to watch all of the shows that I've been tapping so that I'll have NO distractions on Saturday. I even figured out a mini plan to make things (hopefully) easier on me when it comes to writing. I'm starting to get anxious! X3

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