Well still feeling kind of out of it but I'm doing better than I've been the past few weeks. It's helped a little chatting with random people and old friends to take some of the monotony out of my days. It was fun catching up with my old friends James this weekend. We swapped stories of the libraries that we're working at and came to the conclusion that for the most part its still the same drama no matter where you're at. XD

Other than that K and I went to the play Our Town SCC students presented. I thought the play was awesome. It was nice to get out and see a play. I didn't realize how much I missed the theater vibe. It was also a nice distraction to get me out of the house.

Good stuff that's been going on for me: I got treated to a cheese danish from one of my co-workers and there were cupcakes in the break room! So I felt like a princess today! X3 Well either that or I'm still high on sugar and caffeine...I wasn't able to get a Coke Zero and all they had left was Cherry Coke...^^;

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