Well this weekend I had a lot of fun. On Friday night after work K and I met up with some co-workers to view the History of Halloween from an Astronomer's point of view. Was very educational. Only part that semi sucked about it was the late hour that we had to be there. It was entertaining so that made up for the late hour. Though it was kind of fun to poke K to wake him up. heh heh

Then Saturday I went to see Saw V with an old friend of mine. The movie was good just not as gorey as the last ones. This movie just seemed to be kind of a filler for the next one. It was fun to hang out with my friend because it was one thing that we didn't get to do in high school. After the movie we picked up K and went out to eat. We had fun just sitting around and talking...course my friend and I had fun picking on each other. :)

Sunday K and I were suppose to go to a play but we were both w0rn out by the earlier events that we decided to stay in and watch the live action version of Honey and Clover. So far a very good series. Can't wait till it ends.

Other than that earlier in the week I signed up to do the National Novel Writing Month contest next month. I'm hoping that'll give me some motivation to finish at least one of the stories that I've been working on.

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